Sending a message to someone who does not use Outlook Express

1.Type out your message as you normally would.
2.Instead of sending the message... go to file save as and save the message as a mail file to your desktop
3.The file that you saved will have a ???.eml extension
4.Change the .eml extension to ???.mht
5.Compose new message and insert the ???.mht file that you saved on your desktop
6.Tell the person that their message is in the attachment and then send the message as you normally would.

Here is a slightly shorter way to do the same thing:

Create the message using our Stationary in Outlook Express as normal
Don't send, just click on File / Save As... Then type in the name you want to use for it, enclosing the whole name in quotes, along with the .mht extension. The quotes marks prevent a default extension from being added to your filename.
For example: "Blue Moon.mht"
Hit the "Save to Desktop" and our Stationary is ready to send as an attachment.
Write a "Plain Text" message then add the Saved Desktop Message as an Attachment.