Adding Stationery to Netscape Mail

Adding Stationery to Netscape Mail

**Note: You will not get the scrolling and music on netscape mail.

Saving the files to your hard drive is different for Netscape mail. You only need to download the desired image, instead of the image and matching HTML file. Follow these instructions to add the desired stationery to Netscape Mail.

NOTE: If you have outlook express, you can use any of the files in your outlook express stationery folder. If this is the case, skip to step 4.

Steps in Order:

1. Right click the desired stationery
2. Choose "Save image as..."
3. Save the file to C:\Program Files\Netscape\
4. Create a new Message in Netscape Mail
5. Click on Menu "Insert"
6. Click on "Image..."
7. Click on "Choose File..." button
8. Double click on the desired image in it's directory
9. Check the "Use as Background" checkbox
10. Choose "Apply" then "OK"
11. Compose and send mail as you normally would

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