Adding sound to your Stationery Follow these instructions to add sound to OE5 only.

1. Under "tools" menu...
2. Choose "options"
3. Click on "compose" tab
4. Click on "select" under stationery header
5. Choose desired stationery by clicking once on filename
6. Choose "Edit" (FrontPage Express will open up with stationery showing)
7. Choose "Format" menu
8. Choose "Background"
9. Click on "General" tab
10. Browse for desired midi/wav file
11. **set desired loop** (value must be greater than one in order to work)
12. Click on "OK"
13. Under "File" menu, choose "save"
14. Close down FrontPage Express by clicking on small "x" in upper right-hand corner
15. Choose "OK"
16. Choose "Apply"
17. Compose E-mail as you normally would

Here is how to change your Stationary MIDI songs in OE5 on the fly... add sound to any message... on new message on "Format" in the tool bar on "Background"
4.choose "Sound" on browse to find the midi you want to add
6.Set the loop to how many times you would like the song to play "OK" and you are ready to compose your message

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